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M22 G Basik HPA Airspray Spray Gun

Multi-purpose economy gun, the M22 G Basik HPA is an easy to use and maintain solution with a nice spray quality.
Low to medium viscosity materials
Good atomization quality
Easy clean body and Polyacetal cup (600cc / 20 oz.)

- Very fine atomization for a high-gloss finish
- Special BA aircap design for high spraying quality

- Ergonomic due to a very comfortable body design
- EZ-Adjust aircap for easy rotation adjustment
- Reduced trigger effort due to its in-line air valve
- One of the lightest manual spray guns in its category & perfectly balanced: reducing repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
- Large range of projectors (aircap + nozzle + needle) & stainless steel fluid passages (compatible with a large range of solvent and water-based materials) allowing it to be used for all kinds of applications

- Designed from high-end materials (stainless steel, anodized forged aluminum body, brass) in conjunction with SAMES KREMLIN's machined projectors (aircaps + nozzle + needle) ensure extended product life
- Reduction in the number of components makes for easy and quick maintenance


Features Benefits
Polished aluminum body Easy and quick maintenance
Product fluid passages in stainless steel Compatible with most material
New design of the BA aircap Spraying quality guaranteed
E-Z adjust aircap Allows adjustment without loosening the retaining ring
0.6 l polyacetal cup Can be quickly cleaned
Sprayed materials Virtually all coatings
Body of the gun Polished Forged Aluminum
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Recommended atomization air pressure (bar) 2
Air consumption (m3/h) 28
Weight (with cup) (g) 690
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 50
Transfer efficiency in % (EN 13966-1) 65
Tip Stainless steel
Needle Stainless steel
Wetted parts Stainless steel / Aluminum
Fitting Air Inlet M 1/4" NPS (+ M 1/4" BSP)
Fluid inlet (gravity cup) -
Projector Type
Nozzle Size
Fluid Output
Fan Width at
20 cm (cm)
18 BA5
Polyacetal 0.6l (White)


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