Kremlin Rexson France

SFLOW™ 275 & 450 Airless Spray Gun

The Airless manual pressure spray gun Sflow™ allows real product savings for industrial applications.
High transfer efficiency of 81%
Good atomization quality
Designed for high duty industrial applications

- Reliable & repeatable spraying quality: high end tungsten carbide tip tested individually
- Large choice of flat or reversible tips to meet your requirements
- Enhanced security: 1 finger trigger to close gun, tip lock, hand safety protection
- Quick filter change thanks to a patented dedicated tool

- Fatigue-free 2 or 4 fingers trigger to fit every painter morphology
- Ergonomic design with comfortable grip to prevent any MDSs.
- Built-in hook allows to keep the gun near the work station
- Swivel handle fitting for better maneuverability
- Smart lock: quick & easy tip orientation and positioning

- Large filtration hand filter area: available in PA or stainless steel to prevent any tip plugging
- High strength aircap ring: increased lifetime by redusing premature wear


Features Benefits
Ergonomic design Very comfortable handle and trigger
Tungsten carbide needle and seat Outstanding reliability and extended life time
Removable handle filter Quick maintenance
Handle swivel fitting Important flexibility
Sprayed materials Corrosion-resistant products, primers, fillers, epoxy...
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 275-450
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 60
Wetted parts Stainless Steel / Aluminum / Rulon
Needle Carbide
Weight (g) 597
Handle filter Easily removable without key
Seat Carbide


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SFLOW™ 275 & 450 Airless Spray Gun

The Airless manual pressure spray gun Sflow™ allows real ...
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