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40F260 Airmix Flowmax Pump - Stainless Steel

This Flowmax® pump is recommended for anti-corrosion applications.
Flowmax® Bellows technology for zero maintenance
Designed for moisture-sensitive & abrasive materials
Extended lifetime

- High output to feed several guns in circulation
- High suction power for materials up to 4,000 cps
- Turbo air motor also available for continuous 24/7 use

- Flowmax® Bellows technology provides total sealing (dust free) - no lubricant cup  
- Ideal for moisture-sensitive catalyst and UV products

- Triple chrome piston and cylinder, stainless steel ball & carbide seat for long-term use
- Sleek design with fewer parts - inversion system provides fast changeover for constant material delivery
- Bellows lifetime 10,000,000 cycles - up to 8 years


Features Benefits
Sealing done by one large stroke bellow High reliability
No more lubricant cups
Leak free

Total sealing between pump and its environment, ideal to work with moisture-sensitive catalysts
Ideal for UV and pre-catalyzed materials
Ergonomic design of fluid passages Fluid discharge without retention of a wide range of coating materials
Stainless steel design Compatible with water-based materials
Balanced fluid section Constant fluid output pressure
Mobile piston seal Excellent suction capacity
Pressure ratio 40/1
Fluid volume per cycle (cm3) 240
Number of cycles per litre of products 4
Fluid Output at 20 Cycles/mn (l/mn) 4.8
Free flow rate (L/mn) 14.4
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 240
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 50
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Sound level (dBA) 85
Sealing packing Bellows Polyethylene
Upper and lower GT polyethylene
Wetted parts Stainless steel, Carbide, Hard chromed stainless steel
Weight (kg) 70
Height (cm) 112
Width (cm) 65
Depth (cm) 32.5
Fitting Air Inlet F 3/4" BSP
Fluid Inlet M 38 x 150
Fluid Outlet M 3/4" JIC


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