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ASB Automatic Airless Spray Gun

The ASB automatic spray gun offers superior atomization whatever the line speed thanks to perfect balance between high pressure and high flow rate. It offers precise application - coating applied directly on the target - due to fast response time.


Performance Productivity Sustainability
Easy offer, the same gun works in Ω or T version by adding one plug Full versatility with other SAMES KREMLIN spray guns, only 4 screws to remove Two choices of cartridges, PTFE or V-seal energized (also called GT), prevents leakage
Fast response time and High Speed cycling capability Smart operation: trigger indicator located on back of gun Optional cartridge lubrication for long term usage
The ASB gun is the lightest gun on the market decreasing paint machine wear Wide range of tips available (Flat, reversible Tip Top and fine finishing Skill™) Compatibility with full range of bases
Compact design for easy integration Easy maintenance with simple construction (only 14 parts) for an overall low maintenance costs Anodized body for excellent wear resistance
Stainless steel fluid passages for full compatibility with most coatings
Trigger air pressure (bar mini) 3.0
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 240
Fluid output (cc/mn) Upon tips
Weight (g) (gun only) 336
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 50
Body of the gun Aluminium
Wetted parts Stainless steel, PTFE
Seat Carbide
Power supply Fittings
Fluid Straight - M 1/8" G - M 1/2 JIC
Control air Elbow - 2.7 x 4 Hose
Mounting support On Ø 12,5 mm tube



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