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Insulating cabinet for electrostatic application of waterborne and non flammable products with Nanogun Airspray or Nanogun Airmix® - manual applications - up to 30 liters paint containers.

100% safe operation for manual electrostatic waterborne and non-flammable product applications
Plug and Spray: Easy to install, to move around, to maintain
User friendly for outstanding finish quality

- Electrical safety of operators: automatic discharge to earth in case of a power shutdown or when the operator opens the door (<0.8s)
- Perfect quality of electrostatic insulation thanks to welded body for efficient wrap-around effect
- Immediate productivity internal charge (60 kV): generator built in the gun
- Discharge resistor

- Plug and spray: set-up and running within 10 minutes
- Easy integration thanks to clean side and back faces
- Easy access to the pump and paint container
- All unit control remote to front side
- Retains product leaks and rinsing fluids

- Robust design for durability
- Easy to clean working cell. Polypropylene body
- Easy hose assembly and connection to smart manifold panel
- Removable tray for easily cleaning the paint containers


Features Benefits
Wide dimensions Compatible with a large range of pumps :
02C85, 15C25, 30C25, 17F60, 34F60, 15C50
New grounding system For maximum safety
New connectic For a quick service and maintenance
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 7 - 195
Maximum air pressure (bar) 7
Transfer effeciency (%) 85 - 93
Maximum fluid temperature (°C) 40
Maximum high voltage (kV) 60
Current (μA) 80
Weight (kg) 180
 Paint tank capacity (ltr) 30 
Discharge time door opening (sec)  0,8 


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