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The ISOCUBE AUTO is an insulating cabinet designed by SAMES KREMLIN for electrostatic application of waterborne and non-flammable products by automatic sprayers. With a maximum paint capacity of 60 liters, the Isocube Auto will achieve an incomparable spraying time and will supply up to two sprayers. The Isocube Auto is available with only one reference!

Utmost Safety thanks to a high-end polypropylene welded body
Flexible Integration thru limitless compatibility of sprayers and pumps
Unrivaled productivity with highest tank capacity and high voltage efficiency

- Perfect quality of electrostatic insulation thanks to high-end polypropylene welded body for efficient wrap-around effect
- Electrical safety of operators: automatic discharge to ground (<0.8s) in case of a power shutdown or when the operator opens the cabinet door or paint booth door
- Immediate productivity internal charge (up to 100 kV): Short Circuitor

- All paint controls are on front panel
- Clean side and back faces for easy integration
- Easy access to the pump and paint container
- Paint capacity of 60 liters
- Quick installation and start up

- Easy hose assembly and connection
- Removable tray to retain product leaks and improve cleaning
- Robust design for durability


Features Benefits
Wide dimensions Compatible with a large range of pumps :
02C85, 15C25, 30C25, 17F60, 34F60, 15C50
New grounding system For maximum safety
Maximum air pressure (bar) 7
Product resistivity (kΩ) 1 - 250
Maximum high voltage (kV) 100
Current (μA) 500
Weight (kg) 140
 Paint tank capacity (ltr) 60 
Discharge time door opening (sec)  0,8 


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