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KAP Automatic Electrostatic Conventional Spray Gun

New generation of automatic electrostatic gun which guarantees product
savings and increased productivity thanks to the wrap-around effect.

High quality adjustable flat fan.

Compliant with ATEX Directive:
II 2 G
EEx 0,24 mJ
To be used in zone 1


Features Benefits
Reduced number of components Easy field repair
New generator barrel with 3 positions indexing (-45°, 0, + 45°) Guaranteed positioning on robot mounting
Generator barrel close to the gun No high voltage cable and user-friendly operation
Adjustable tension with integrated safety circuit Adjustment of the electrostatic effect to the part to be painted and the fluid sprayed
Aircaps and nozzle Quick maintenance and stock reduction
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 6
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Recommended atomization air pressure (bar) 4
Trigger air pressure (bar mini) 4
Weight without hoses, cable (g) 1100 with BG barrel
Fluid output (l/mn) - adjustement upon nozzle 0.24
Fan width (cm) 30 (KP3 aircap)
Total Length (cm) 340
Voltage cable length (m) 10
Recommended fluid viscosity 40s max.
Probe voltage 85 kV max
Maximum current 100 μA
Maximum temperature (°C) 60
Wetted parts Polyacetal, stainless steel, carbide
Fitting Air Spraying (polyamide 6x8), pilot (polyamide 4x6)
Fitting (resistivity > 5Mohms.cm) M 1/2 JIC
fluid (resistivity < 5Mohms.cm) - on double sleeve hose F 1/2 JIC


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