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08F440 Airmix Flowmax Pump - Stainless Steel

Flowmax® paint circulation system pump for medium pressure applications.
Zero maintenance: FLOWMAX® technology
Designed for moisture-sensitive & abrasive materials
Extended lifetime

- High output to feed several guns in circulation
- High suction power for materials up to 4,000 cps
- Turbo air motor also available for continuous 24/7 use

- No lubricant cup due to FLOWMAX® Bellows technology - total sealing & dust free
- Ideal for moisture-sensitive catalyst & UV products

- Triple chrome piston & cylinder, stainless steel ball & carbide seat for a long-term use
- Sleek design with few parts. The inversion system provides a fast changeover for a constant material delivery
- Bellows lifetime 10,000,000 cycles - up to 8 years


Features Benefits
Sealing done by one large stroke bellow High reliability
No more lubricant cups
Leak free
Total sealing between pump and its environment, ideal to work with moisture-sensitive catalysts
Ideal for UV and pre-catalyzed materials
Ergonomic design of fluid passages Fluid discharge without retention of a wide range of coating materials
Stainless steel design Compatible with water-based materials
Balanced fluid section Constant fluid output pressure
Mobile piston seal Excellent suction capacity
Pressure ratio 8/1
Fluid volume per cycle (cm3) 440
Number of cycles per litre of products 2.3
Fluid Output at 20 Cycles/mn (l/mn) 8.8
Free flow rate (L/mn) 26.4
Air Consumption @ 20 CPM at 5 bar
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 48
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 50
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Sound level (dBA)
Sealing packing Bellows Polyethylene
Upper and lower GT ployethylene
Wetted parts
Weight (kg) 54
Height (cm) 110
Width (cm) 40
Depth (cm) 27
Fitting Air Inlet F 3/4" BSP
Fluid Inlet F 3/4" BSP
Fluid Outlet F 3/4" BSP


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