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Cyclomix Micro+ & Micro - Electronic 2K Mixing & Dosing

The Plural Component Electronic Mixing & Dosing System allows the user to dose, mix & continuously deliver two-component paints or adhesives. Available in 2 versions: Airspray & Airmix.

Fresh material on demand
Elimination of manual mixing errors
Significant material savings

- Consistently precise mixed material due to the unique static mixer design and direct injection - inject mix technology
- Unsurpassed +/- 1% mixing accuracy
- Highly accurate performance due to 2 precise flowmeters

- Intuitive use - Touch-screen control
- Minimum material and solvent waste due to automatic flushing and material generation
- The operator can control the system while in the spray booth using the glass kit option

- Consistent product quality = Less rework cost
- Lower cost of ownership
- Reduces hazardous waste


Features Benefits
Automatic component management : base, catalyst and solvent Dosing +/- 1 % and repeatability +/- 0.5 %
Automatic flushing and material generation Quick start-up. Minimal material and solvent wastage.
Adjustable flushing volume
Several flushing sequence available : only Base side ; Base side then Catalyst ; Catalyst side then Base side
Solvent savings and environmental protection
Operating pressure from 2 to 175 bar Allows to choose HTi, HPA, AIRMIX® spray technologies
Continuous ratio checking and alarm The paint applied on parts always conforms to specifications
User-friendly control panel User-friendly and easy programming for the operator
Stainless steel design To handle a wide range of materials
Recording of fluid consumptions and VOC with the possibility to print records (with RS 232 option) Fluid and solvent consumptions stored in memory
Possibility to monitor the Cyclomix™ Micro from the spray booth (with the glass kit option) Ergonomy of the working station
Design of the mixing plate Easy maintenance and spare parts standardization
Electrical Power 115 / 230V - 100W
Trigger air pressure (bar mini) 4
Product pressure (bar) 2 -175
Weight (kg) 25
Wetted parts Stainless steel and PEHD
316L stainless steel on PH version catalyst side
Mixing ratio single component and 0.6/1 to 20/1
Mixing accuracy 1 %
Mixed fluid output 50 - 2000 cm3/mn
Fluid viscosity 30 - 5000 cps
height (cm) 17.3 (command cabinet) - 40 (dosing unit)
Width (cm) 36.6 (command cabinet) - 40.7 (dosing unit)
Depth (cm) 11.1 (command cabinet) - 30 (dosing unit)
Description Fitting
Electrical supply : bornier and stuffing box
Air supply F 1/4" BSP
Air outlet F 1/4" BSP
Fluid supply M 1/2" JIC
Fluid outlet M 1/2" JIC
Catalyst flushing Bases Catalysts
Cyclomix Micro
1 1
Cyclomix Micro
3 1
Cyclomix Micro+
yes 1 1
Cyclomix Micro+
3 1
Cyclomix Micro+ PH (without mixer) yes 1 1
Cyclomix Micro+ PH yes 3 1


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