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PU 3000 - Electronic 2K Mixing & Dosing

Electronic dosing & mixing equipment, includes pumping, metering & electronic functions in low, medium & high pressure. Available in 3 versions: Airspray, Airmix & Airless.
User friendly
Material mixing quality
Security of application

- Easy to work plug and spray concept including pumping metering and electronic
- Quality of mixed materials thanks to the direct injection in the high performance unique design static mixer  (INJECTMIX technology)
- Unsurpassed +/- 1% mixing accuracy due to the innovative pump change over technology
- The electronic alerts if needed and constantly monitors the material consumption and calculates the VOC

- Easy and quick learning thanks to the intuitive use
- Production stop prevented thanks to the design without flowmeter
- Constant fluid flow rate thanks to the SAMES KREMLIN Pulse Free Electronic Control (PFE)
- Low cost of ownership for fast Return On Investment (ROI)

- Durability due to the FLOWMAX® bellow technology on the catalyst side preventing any leaks for moisture sensitive materials


Features Benefits
Plug & Spray Quick start-up
KREMLIN REXSON patent : Free Pulse Electronic Control (FPE)

Innovative control system of pump change-over
Constant fluid flowrate

Unsurpassed +/- 1 % mixing accuracy and +/- 1 % repeatability
Direct injection in the high performance static mixer Perfect mixing
Recording of fluid consumptions and VOC

Possibility to print records
Fluid and solvent consumptions stored in memory
Automatic component management : base, catalyst and solvent

Automatic flushing and material generation

User-friendly control panel
User friendly

User-friendly and easy programming for the operator
Preventive maintenance alarm

Continuous ratio checking and alarm

Low level drum alarm
Safe operation
Ratio check kit in standart with 2 liters test tube

Filter and drain assembly in standart
Visual control of mixing accuracy No product loss
Sealing done by a FLOWMAX bellow on the catalyst side High reliability

Total sealing between pump and its environment, ideal to work with moisture-sensitive catalysts
Wide range of ratio from 5 to 160 %

Suitable for HTi / HPA / HTV, AIRMIX, AIRLESS spraying technologies

Possibility of very low flow rate : from 10cc
Suitable for use on a wide range of markets
Electrical Power 115/230V - 75W
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Fluid viscosity 30 - 8000 cps (20.000cps AIRLESS)
Mixing accuracy +/- 1 %
Mixed fluid output 10cc at 2 L / min
Mixing ratio 1/1 - 30/1
Wetted parts Stainless Steel and PEHD
Description Pressure ratio Maximum fluid pressure (bar)
PU 3000 - HTi, HPA, HTV versions 1/1 , 7/1 0/6 - 0/40
PU 3000 - AIRMIX version 30 / 1 200
PU 3000 - AIRLESS version 53 / 1 350
Description Height (cm) Depth (cm) Width (cm)
HTi, HPA, HTV versions 130 69 86
AIRMIX version 130 69 86
AIRLESS version 130 69 96
Control Box 28.6 14.3 36.7
Fitting Air inlet (valve) F 3/4" BSP
Air Outlet F 1/4" BSP
Fluid Outlet F 3/4 JIC


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