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Cyclomix Expert - Electronic 2K & 3K Mixing & Dosing

The Cyclomix™ Expert is an innovative, industrial solution that is configured to meet the needs of the customer. Available in 3 versions: Airspray, Airmix & Airless.
Capable of metering 1 component as well as mixing 2 and 3 component materials
Flexible modular design  - up to 24 programmable components
PH version available for acid-catalyzed coatings
Handles up to 50 receipes
Constant flow technology

- Production flush 5-step programmable sequence
- Weekend flush 6-step programmable sequence
- Continuous ratio and pot life monitoring 
- Multiple flowmeter options availbable to meet your requirements

- Consistent finish quality
- Reduce labor - on demand mixing
- In-line static mixer reduces flushing solvent and faster color changes
- Reduced fluid waste
- Less rework
- Reduced hazardous waste

- All stainless-steel construction compatible with most materials
- PH (acid catalyst) version available
- Filter/regulators assemblies are standard equipment, constructed of stainless steel compatible with most materials


Features Benefits
Automatic component management up to 24 components in 1, 2 and 3 components and solvents
Innumerible possibilities
Flexibility when changing materials
Real time display of instant real ratio and flowrate
Continuous process control
No pre-mixing chamber : optimized fluid passages w/o retention zones
Perfect flushing
Prevent fluid waste
Stainless steel design
Compatible with water-based materials
Frequency configuration before flushing at the end of potlife
Mixed material and solvent savings
Safe operation
Emergency pneumatic manual flushing
Perfect flushing in case of power supply cut-off
Batch mode
To easily get small quantities of mixed materials for touch-up works
Adaptable programming for each color
Ideal application for each color
3 data access level upon each operator
Safety use
Assisted data and tolerance product manufacturer specification entry
Quick and easy data entry eliminating any errors
Color man/machine interface
User friendly
Standard monitoring of 2 guns (2 priming - 2 flushing)
Possibility to manage 2 workstations simultaneously (1 or 2 guns or both)
Ratio check
Safe operation Full operator safety
6 different flushing sequences (air-solvent to standard)
Volume or time flushing
Multiples solvent choice for each recipe
Solvent consumption optimlization upon recipe Optimized flushing
Magnetic injection volume adjustment - magnetic valves
Mixing optimization upon ratiosIncrease of injection frequency
USB data storage Batch number management Production Follow-up optimization
Various Product mesurement technology : mass or gear Handles a large range of materials
Fluid pressure
Min 2 bar / 29 psi - Max 200 bar / 2900.6 psi
Compressed air
Min 3.5 bar / 50.7 psi - Max 6 bar / 87 psi
115V / 230V - 75W
50 - 60 Hz
Ratio percentage
A to B min/max 0.6:1 to 20:1 - 166% to 5%
Ratio tolerance
Particle size
Max 5 micron
Noise lever (at 1m)
70 dB A (depending upon Norm ISO 3746)
Viscosity range
Min/max 30 to 5000 cps
Moisture (compressed air)
Max 10 ppm
2-K Version 48 kg / 1000 mm x 865 mm x 200 mm
3-K Version 66 kg / 1200 mm x 965 mm x 200 mm
Control panel 34 kg / 600 mm x 600 mm x 225 mm
Number of products
Max 24
Number of A components
Min/Max 1 to 22 (total 24)
Number of B components
Min/Max 1 to 22 (total 24)
Number of C components
Min/Max 1
Number of A component solvents Min/Max 1 to 22 (total 24)
Number of B component solvents Min/Max 1 to 21 (total 24)
Material compatibility Solvent and water-based paints


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