Kremlin Rexson France

History of Sames Kremlin

1924 - Creation of KREMLIN SKM in the South of Paris. KREMLIN commercializes the first spray gun sold in France.
1950 - Launch of AIRLESS spraying in Europe.
1971 - Subsidiary in Italy and Germany.
1975 - Kremlin creates Airmix, one of the major events in spraying technology history.
1979 - Subsidiary in Spain and Denmark.
1980 - Subsidiary in the USA.
1982 - Subsidiary in Canada.
1995 - KREMLIN joins the EXEL Industries group, Worldwide number 1 in spraying technologies used both in agricultural and industrial markets.

1998 - Creation of the Portuguese subsidiary.
1999 - Opening of 2 new subsidiaries in Poland and Argentina. Wide development of the agents network abroad.
2000-2001 - Opening of 3 new subsidiaries in Brazil, India and China.
2003 - Merge of KREMLIN and REXSON to create KREMLIN REXSON.
2004 - Creation of the first Airmix gun with fan adjustment, the MVX.
2005 - Creation of a range of electronic dosing machines CYCLOMIX.
2006 - KREMLIN REXSON adds to its range of FLOWMAX bellow pumps (no packings) plural components pumps.
2007 - Launch of S3 and HTV guns range.
2009 - KREMLIN REXSON commercializes the Xcite AIRMIX gun and distances itself from competition by a superb design and an upmarket technology.
2017 - Merge of SAMES and KREMLIN to create SAMES KREMLIN.


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